Last updated:  12/01/2015

2016-2017 Cary FBC Girls Church Youth Basketball League     Last updated:  12/05/2016

(Grades 6-12)

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.



********* *** Weather Updates and gym status *** ***************

**** All games are on as scheduled. ****   

Updated schedules with make-up games for the snow cancellations on Jan 7/8 have been posted below.

 Updated Saturday, Jan 09, 2017 – 10:30am   ***********************



League Purpose statement

·        Create an environment that assists in guiding our youth in development of their  relationship with Jesus Christ

·        Encourage participation in church youth programs

·        Christian fellowship and outreach

·        Safe, fun and positive environment for learning and developing



2016 – 2017 League Play Information

See these links for detailed league info:                        

Regular Season Game Schedule  (and Results)

Regular Season Team Schedules

Regular Season Gym Schedules

High School Standings

Middle School Standings

High School Tournament Bracket

Middle School Tournament Bracket

Useful documents for download



Player Eligibility: Youth Group Activities Participation
layers are required to attend a minimum number of youth group activities as defined below under “Youth Group Activity Participation Tracking”

Submit Official Roster:  December 2, 2016
- players can be added after freeze, by submitting name and number on ‘official roster update’ form to league coordinator

- new players added must meet Youth Activity Participation  requirements for the month started


Team Fees:  $420


Season Play: 


Pregame:   Prayer at center court for both teams. Player from home team leads prayer.

Postgame:   Brief devotion off court for both teams. Player from home team leads devotion. (Devotion can be as simple as a prayer, a bible verse, or adding how the verse has affected player or what it means to player.

Please note league verse - Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  This is an easy reference that can be used for devotion).



Rules:  The league follows NCHSSA rules, with minor modifications.


For Referees:

·        No defense allowed in the backcourt except during the final two minutes of the game (and final two minutes of each over-time).

o   One warning will be issued per team. 2nd violation is two shot technical foul.

·        Teams have two time-outs per half.  They do not carry over into overtime.  Teams receive one time-out in each overtime period.

·        The clock runs continuously except during a time-out, free throw, official's time-out or the last two minutes of the game and of each overtime period.

·        If there is a tie at the end of regulation, there will be a four minute overtime started by a jump ball. If still tied after two over-time periods, the game will end as a tie, except for tournament games which must have a winner.

·        Teams shoot one-and-one free throws after 7 fouls; bonus after 10 fouls.

·        NCHSAA change for 2014-2015 - On a free throw, players in the lane spaces are allowed to enter the lane upon the release of the ball by the free throw shooter.

·        Teams should attempt to use jersey numbers with digits of 5 or less. No technical will be called for jersey numbers with digits greater than 5.

·        All players must have matching jerseys with unique numbers. T-shirts under jerseys, shorts or hair ties do not have to match.

·        Profanity, fighting, or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a technical or ejection. Two technical fouls by the same player/coach will result is ejection from current game and next game.


For Coaches:

·        When leading by 20, the following rules will be enforced by coaches (official timeout may be called as reminder)

o   No fast breaks

o   No backcourt defense

o   2-3 Zone Defense with at least one foot in the lane as defined by the baseline, the free throw line and blocks, often referred to as the ‘paint’. This is the same area used to determine 3 sec violations

o   Challenge team with minimum number of passes (3-5) before shooting

·        School, JV and varsity, and recreation league players are allowed to play if permitted by their coach.

·        If a player or coach receives two technical fouls during a game, the player or coach will be ejected and also cannot participate in the next game.

·        Min playing time - 12 minutes / player for 8 or less players playing. 10 minutes minimum / player for 9-12 players playing.  If more than 12 players attending and playing, 8 mins / player. If players show up late, their minimum playing time should be prorated. Example, if player shows up at half time and is 10th player, late player has min playing time of 5 minutes.

·        Each player must play minimum 4 minutes / half

·        Coaches must track and ensure playing times (recommend assistant or parent assistant for this) to ensure that playing time requirements are met. Head coach should keep records of playing time for reference as needed.

·        Atleast 4 players needed to start game.

·        Players must participate in half of regular season games to play in post-season tournament. (Injured player that is attending games and not able to play is considered to be participating).

·        Profanity, fighting, or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in technical or ejection. Two technicals – ejection from current game and next game.

·        Only Head Coach may speak to referees about calls. Asst. Coaches must remain seated.

·        Coaches must submit game roster (official roster with absent players marked out) to scorekeepers at each game.

·        Parents/fans not allowed on team side of court.

·        Coaches must track and ensure ‘Youth Participation Activity’ sheets for player completion at each monthly checkpoint. Players can complete milestones as early as possible, even before the season starts. Coaches will be expected to provide results to league administrator before start of tournament for player to be eligible.


High School (9th – 12th grades)

High school team can be made up of any player 6th – 12th grade that meets eligibility requirements. High school roster can include players from same church middle school roster. Middle school roster players that are also on high school roster may play for one or both teams on same weekend. Player can only be on one high school roster. Each team will have 8 regular season games.


Middle School (6th – 8th grades)

Middle school team can be made up of any player 6th – 8th grade that meets eligibility requirements. Each team will have 8 regular season games.



Schedule to be announced based on regular season results.

Plan to start immediately after the regular season is completed. Tournament seeding will be based on records during season play. Tournament will be single elimination.

à Download Girls Church HS Schedule à ** (Useful documents for download) **


Sportsmanship Awards:  High School coaches will vote for an individual and a team sportsmanship award.


Youth Group Activity Participation Tracking:

Girls Youth Basketball Participation Guidelines:  à Download à ** (Useful documents for download) **

Ø  do not have to be church member

Ø  by 1st game,  must attend 4 youth activities, with sign-off by adult youth leader or youth minister

Ø  by 1st game in Jan, must attend an additional 5 youth activities, with sign-off by adult youth leader or youth minister

Ø  by 1st game in Feb, must attend an additional 5 youth activities, with sign-off by adult youth leader or youth minister

Ø  by 1st game in tournament, must attend an additional 4 youth activities, with sign-off by adult youth leader or youth minister

Ø  youth activities can be used retro-active to beginning of current school year


Youth Activities:

o   Sunday School, Wednesday night youth

o   Sunday evening youth activities

o   church youth group sponsored youth projects or outings

o   multi-day youth outings (such as retreats) count as one activity per day

o   four church services (morning or evening) count as one youth activity

o   group bible studies

o   credit for first youth activity of visitor invited by player

o   attending church, Sunday school, bible study, etc while traveling.

o   basketball practice and/or games do not count as youth activities

o   youth activities sign-off by Youth Minister or adult, youth leader

**Participation Guidelines activity status to be verified and approved by coach and Youth Minister



GYM CONTACTS: This list should be used if a gym is not opened when you arrive for a scheduled game.


Trinity Baptist:              

Spencer Good    Church # 919-787-3740 x216      Cell # 919-274-8166


Cary First Baptist:  

Eric Lamb             Cell #: 919-880-7169                  


Ray Chandler      Cell #  919-696-4812               


Hayes Barton:               

David keel           919-645-6757 (direct line church) - Activities Director                                                   


League CoordinatorRay Chandler     Cell # 919-696-4812    

Email –